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Your #1 Dance Competition for Ages 12 & Under

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Why The Buzz: About Us


Dance is a catalyst for healing and for joy, and can spark both passion and purpose. At the Buzz, we are creating a generation of collaboration, using our shared love of dance to encourage, energize, and empower young dancers to bee the best they can be.

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Why The Buzz: Mission


Encourage , Energize, Empower

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Why The Buzz: Mission

United Nations Sustainability and Development Goals

Good Health
& Well Being

At The Buzz we host various workshops at our event to promote physical, mental and emotional well being for all involved.

Zero Hunger

At The Buzz we organize an annual food drive to help combat hunger in our local communities.

Life On Land

The Buzz gives back to organizations that work to protect our ecosystems. We also strive to utilize eco friendly options at our events.

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The Buzz Difference

What Makes Us Unique

Experience Tailored for

Dancers 12 & Under 

At The Buzz our event is 100%  centred around young dancers.

The Buzz Gives Back

All of our events incorporate a give back aspect. Including an annual food drive and donating 5% of our overall profits to non-profit organizations working toward the protection and sustainability of the bee population.

Short Sections

At The Buzz adjudications happen within 2 hours of a dance hitting the stage.

Secure Backstage

At The Buzz we have a secure backstage check in/ check out process ensuring dancers are safe throughout the event.

Fun for the Whole Family

The Buzz isn't just for the dancers it is an event for the whole family! At our events we have activities for everyone. Including a childcare centre with qualified caregivers to watch younger siblings of the competitors during their section.

Options for Recreational Dancers

At The Buzz we welcome ALL dancers, including recreational dancers. We have a unique category called the Good Times category where dancers have the opportunity to perform and receive a special medal.They will be marked so they get a proper score and feedback, but they will not receive a medal based on their mark. Everyone gets the same medal, and there is a top mark trophy, and the top mark gets to be in the finals as a guest performer.

Multi Tier Awards System

With 4 age divisions, and 4 experience levels, there is a place for every dancer to perform with confidence. Our divisions are as follows:

Micro Division: Ages 3-4

Mini Division: Ages 5-6

Junior Division: Ages 7-9

Senior Division: Ages 10-12

Our experience levels are: Recreational, Novice, Intermediate, Competitive. We will also have a special category called the Good Time, where dancers who wish to receive a score, but either do not wish to, or are not able to, perform confidently in their experience level are able to enter their routine.

Awards that go Beyond the Mark

At the Buzz we don't just recognize dancers based on top marks but also in regards to studio spirit, passion, sportsmanship and effort.At each adjudication we will award the Top Score, Top Choreography and Top Performance of the section, along with unlimited special awards, and our Clean Bee award, given to routines that have clean timing and execution. All studios will be a part of our finals.

Community Feel

At the Buzz we don't believe dancers are competing with one another but rather they are collaborating within a shared passion and we provide opportunities such as an opening number with all dance studios to produce a spirit of community.

Why The Buzz: Infographics
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